10 November 2010

Any Questions? Ask Tsugaaru-chan!

Have any questions about Tsugaru or living in Japan in general?   Any question at all, I may look like I'm five years old, but I have an answer!

Hana Karuko (華かるこ) Restaurant Review

During the day, this restaurant has a Japanese mom-and-pop diner sort of feel, offering friendly service and cheap food.  It`s offerings range from Japanese dishes, such as tonkatsu and zarusoba, to a few Chinese dishes and spaghetti.  The lunch special (日替わりランチ higawari ranchi) is only 580 yen and has two
options.  When I went, I chose miso ramen (see picture).  The ramen was simple but did not blow me away.  There is a bar to sit at individually, as well as small Japanese-style group rooms (see picture).

At night the atmosphere changes into an izakaya, with screened rooms for groups to drink, eat and have a good time.  At night the menu changes, offering a variety of small appetizers (think tapas) from 400 - 700 yen each (sashimi or raw fish, as well as fried foods, etc) to more expensive, hearty nabe (stewed meats and vegetables).

Overall, it`s a relaxed place, with average food and friendly service.

The Skinny:  Good for cheap lunches and relaxed nights

Name: Hana Karuko
Hours of Operation: 11:00 - 14:00 (lunch) and 17:00-23:00 (dinner/izakaya)
Prices: Lunch (580 yen to 900 yen) 
           Dinner (from individual dishes of 400 to heartier,more expensive ones)
English menu: No                                                                              
Phone Number: 0173-42-5565
Address:   〒0383138 青森県つがる市木造若緑59-1
                 0383138 Aomori-ken Tsugaru-shi Kizukuri Wakamidori 59-1
Map with Directions from Jusco/Aeon Mall: