10 October 2011

October Events

There are so many great things going on in and around Aomori, I thought I’d put together a list of them all. If there are any fun events or festivals that I’ve missed, please let me know at and I’ll try to add them to the schedule.

26th Garlic and Beef Festival


What: A festival to celebrate garlic in Japan’s top garlic producing town.  
Why: If you like barbequed beef and garlic or cooking up your own on a giant outdoor group grill, then this is the festival for you. Plus if you’re vegetarian, you may still want to check out the other exciting events.  There will be line dancing, an American beauty queen from Takko’s sister city in California, Japanese traditional dance, and lots of zany garlic games including garlic sumo, garlic spitting, and garlic putting.  
Where: Takko Machi at the 2-2-9 dome (map)
When: Oct 1st and 2nd 

Cost: Free Entry but you’ll have to pay if you want to sample some beef and garlic

Offical Flyer (Japanese): http://www.town.takko.aomori.jp/230902ke207300806101.jpg
Write up and schedule: http://www.hakkodapowder.com/article07.shtml

Aomori City Halloween Parade


What: There will be a performance stage, dancing, arts and crafts, and of course a parade full of cute kids dressed up in costumes, Halloween floats and bands.  
Why: If you miss Halloween or you just love people dressing up.  
Where: Aomori City along ASPAM road 
When: October 8th from 10:00am – 8:30pm (Parade from 4:00 – 6:30) There will also be a free sweets giveaway (trick-or-treat) the next day on October 9th I think.
Cost: Free
Website: http://www.aomorishi-halloween.jp/

Misawa Halloween Fiesta

What: Halloween Parade, costume contest, and vendors giving away free candy.
Why: Who doesn’t love to dress up and get free candy?  And if it’s like last year there may be a pumpkin carving contest.
When: October 16th
Where: Misawa Arcade Shopping Centre
Cost: Free
Official:  http://www.misawasi.com/modules/information/index.php?lid=121
 from last year: http://traveling-tengco.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-in-misawa.html

Towada Koma Festival

What: A festival celebrating all things horse

Why: See some Yabusame (horseback archery), show jumping, kids riding horseback, or ride a horse or a cart drawn by a horse all on your own.
When: Oct 15th and 16th from 9:00am to 3:00pm
Where: Towada Chuo Koen (central park)
Cost: Free
Website: Blog Write-up

Oma Tuna Festival


What: Japan’s most expensive Tuna on display
Why: Oma tuna will be available to eat and the lighthouse will be open to the public.  I’ve heard that you can also book tickets on a boat to go out and watch the fishermen catch the tuna.
When: Oct 22nd and 23rd
Where: Oma Port
Cost: Free
Website(s): Official http://www.shimokita-kanko.com/?p=1010

Hirosaki Chrysanthemum and Fall Colors Festival


What: Life sized dresses made of flowers and other displays 
Why: An ancient castle surrounded by beautiful maple trees changing colors and flower dresses, need I say more?
When: October 21st – November 13th

Where: Hirosaki Castle Park
Cost: Free
Official (Japanese): http://www.hirosaki.co.jp/event/index.cgi
Write-up from last year: http://traveling-tengco.blogspot.com/2010/10/hirosaki-castle-chrysanthemum-festival.html

27th Rokkasho Salmon Festival


What: A festival to restock the rivers of Japan with salmon.
Why: Get the chance to catch a salmon by hand and then cook it up!  That’s right, there will be a giant pool of salmon and you can purchase a ticket to catch and keep one.  Also, the first 400 people in line will be given a free salmon. You can also watch horses compete in an iron-pulling contest or participate in a free milk drinking contest, squid pulling contest, and bingo.  And of course there will be traditional dancing and local food.
When: Oct 30th and 31st
Where: Rokkasho Port
Cost: Free Admission
Official (Japanese): http://www.rokkasho.jp/guide/index.html#TOP
Official (English): http://www.rokkasho.jp/english/festivals.html
Write up and Schedule: http://www.hakkodapowder.com/article06.shtml

30 August 2011

Inakadate Rice Art: Mum always said not to play with your food but..

Around 10km northwest of Hirosaki, the clever people of Inakadate have managed to create a concoction consisting of Japan's strongest attributes: rice growing, and painstaking perfection. With a population of around 8400, Inakadate, a seemingly little town like many others in Aomori (packed full of rice, apples and old people), has managed to stand out from the crowd with its incredible rice art, or tanbo art (田んぼアート).

2010 design
Started in 1993, to pull in visitors to its aging town, the villagers of Inakadate pioneered rice art, using varieties of grain to create images within the rice paddies. This year's image used seven different coloured varieties. These days a computer is used to map out the images, taking into account perspective from the 22 metre high viewing platform, and thousands of stakes used to plot them (over 8000 stakes were used for the 2010 田んぼ!). 
The 2003 portrait of Mona Lisa fell victim to the perspective issue, viewed from the castle-look-alike town hall, she let everyone know her good news.. looking somewhat pregnant. Check out the difference between the two perspectives from 2007`s art, from directly above and from the viewing platform.

This year's creation is of the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, takentorimongatari (竹取物語), one of Japan's oldest tales. Check out the story at its Wikipedia page here (especially if you enjoy a sci-fi tale or two). I haven't included a picture as not to spoil the surprise, but is worth the visit for the few minutes of awe you get shuffling orderly around the viewing platform. There are a few little food stalls in the town hall carpark and a friendly obachan who gave me ¥100 off my melon. There's even a little foot onsen, ashiyuu (足湯), adjacent to the paddy opposite the town hall to help soak in the ricey atmosphere.

The Skinny: Get your (visual) fill of rice without the calories.

Price: Free! (There is a donation box with a couple of smiley obachans at the entrance for those feeling generous)
Where: The paddies are right opposite the Inakadate Town Office, plenty of 田んぼアート signs once you get there. Click here for a link from Jusco in Tsugaru City!
Dates: This year's season runs from May 30th until October 1st
Times: Open from 9am to 5pm (last admissions at 4.30pm)

24 August 2011

Mt. Iwaki Day Trip

The natural beauty of Mt. Iwaki can be enjoyed in many ways – some more relaxing than others! One of these foolproof relaxing methods is a trip to one of the many onsen in the area.
Iwaki-sou onsen is a choice you can’t go wrong with. Situated in the picturesque hotel of the same name, the onsen boasts both outdoor and indoor baths. The outdoor baths are especially idyllic – there’s nothing quite like listening to leaves rustle and birds warble while you let the worries of daily life soak away.
If you can stave off the urge for a post-onsen nap, there is a beautiful Shinto shrine just down the road. While all of Mt. Iwaki is technically sacred ground, Iwaki-yama Shrine is the site of worship. Most of the main buildings date to about 1694. The shrine itself stretches back up the side of the mountain, deeper into the forest. It makes a great walk! And if you’re lucky, you will run into the friendly obaasan selling apple ice cream, yum!

The Skinny: A relaxing day trip - quiet soak in a refined onsen, followed by a stroll through the grounds of a tranquil shrine.
Price: Iwaki-sou onsen is 500¥, plus 100¥ for optional towel rental. Admission to Iwaki-yama Shrine is free.
Directions: Click here for a road map, starting from Jusco in Kashiwa!

23 August 2011

森の中の果樹園 (Mori no Naka no Kajuen)

One thing that the Tsugaru region is famous for is agriculture, and what better way to experience this than by going fruit picking?  At the inexpensive price of 1000 yen per person, you can pick as much fruit from the trees/vines as you can eat (no time limit)!  Also, you can pick fruit to take home at a price that is much better than what you find in supermarkets.  While it's hard to beat fruit straight off the vine, the beauty of the orchard makes the experience even better.  Different times of the year, different fruits, so check out the website!

The Skinny: Great Orchard
Time: 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. from the end of April to the end of October
Price: 1000 yen per person (all you can eat)
Location: click here for a map to Mori no Naka No Kajuen (From Jusco in Kashiwa)

11 August 2011

Hotel Apple Land Onsen

When in Aomori, one thing you must do during your time here is bathe in a hot spring filled with the prefecture's most famous produce: apples. One of the many onsens that provide such baths is Minamida Onsen, situated in the Disneyland-esque Hotel Apple Land near Hirosaki. The onsen is split into two, with separate entrances for both. This is fine for hotel guests, but for day visitors it's a little inconvenient.
The indoor bath has an extremely strong smell upon entering, but is well designed with various waterfalls and cosy pools arranged beneath a high ceiling with skylights. However the main attraction is, of course, the apple-filled rotenburo. Although a little on the small side, the fragrant apples and the bamboo shelter make for a relaxing dip in a very Aomori onsen.

The Skinny: one of many must-see apple-filled onsens in Aomori!
Price: 350 yen

23 June 2011

Tip Top Tappi

Tappi is the northernmost point in western Aomori so the drive there is a bit far from the Tsugaru side, but well worth it. Travel the winding roads and you'll pass the sea, go through the mountains and if you're lucky, you'll spot some of the notoriously mischievous Japanese snow monkeys. There are a few viewing platforms to stop at along the way, and once you reach Tappi, walk up the look-out path to catch the best view. On a clear day you can see Hokkaido. And if you have time to spare, check out the nearby Seikan Tunnel Museum, which explains the making of the underwater railway tunnel that connects Honshu to Hokkaido and is the longest operational underground tunnel! Click here to learn more.

The Skinny: A weekend joyride
Price: A tank of gas

Takayama Inari Shrine

Nestled deep in Shariki Town is the impressive Takayama Inari Shrine. Although it's quite large, it's often sparse with visitors (rumor has it many Japanese people find the place haunted). Once you drive through the giant torii gate, you will see the visitor center in front, stairs leading to the shrine on your left, and a somewhat hidden path to Shariki beach on your right. The path to the beach will take you behind the visitor center and through some dense vegetation, but don't worry, it's safe and permitted. The beach is a bit laden with garbage, but it's still an interesting place to visit (local rumor has it that people have gone missing off this coast at the hands of North Koreans). Lastly, if you visit in summer, look out for all the frogs - they're everywhere!

The Skinny: A beautiful shrine with over 100 small torii gates and a walk to the beach
Price: Free
Website: Click Here