14 February 2011

Oban Ramen Shop (Restaurant Review)

To continue with the theme of ramen shop reviews, today I had the chance to go to another!  I was told that this was one of go-to shops in Tsugaru.  I thought it had good soy sauce (shouyu) ramen.  Ask for the shouyu ramen (soy sauce ramen) or the tamago ramen (egg ramen).

The Skinny:  Hole-in-the-wall, good ramen
Name: Oban (大番)
Hours of Operation: 11:00~
English menu: No 
Prices: 600~900 yen                                                                  
Phone Number: 0173-42-2345
Address:    青森県 つがる市木造若竹6-1
                 Aomori-ken, Tsugaru-shi, Mokuzou Jaku Take 6-1
Map with Directions from Jusco/Aeon Mall:<click here>