11 March 2011

Furōfushi Onsen (不老不死温泉)

Living in the west of Aomori Prefecture, Furōfushi Onsen in Fukaura should definitely be one of your top spots to visit. Although an indoor bath and jacuzzi are available, the main attraction is without a doubt its routenburo, outdoor bath, which is perfectly placed on the shores of the Sea of Japan. Bathers can enjoy soaking in iron-rich spring water that is said to have healing properties (furōfushi translates to longevity and perpetual youth). The less inhibited among you might enjoy the konyoku, mixed bath side, though the milk tea-coloured water does well to maintain your dignity.* The routenburo is technically only open to day visitors until 4pm, but once you've entered the bathing area we recommend staying until sunset, especially on wintry days when nightfall comes early. Nothing epitomises the Tohoku experience more than looking out onto the ocean as the sky turns red whilst keeping warm in a cosy bath. 

* Women are allowed to enter the men's side on the left if they so wish, but the right side is for women bathers only, sorry fellas!

The Skinny: An incredible onsen with beautiful scenery, an Aomori must-see
Price: A very affordable ¥600, with an optional extra ¥200 to rent a yukata (for the chilly walk down to the routenburo in winter)
Opening Hours: Routenburo from 8am to 4pm, other baths from 8am to 9pm
Location: click here

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