14 March 2011

Tōhoku Earthquake

Let's Go Tsugaru would like to extend our sympathies to everyone in the prefectures affected by the earthquake and tsunami, including those in the Nambu area of Aomori prefecture. We've listed links to some useful information below; please stay safe and well prepared during this time.

Earthquake Emergency Procedures Booklet (click to download .pdf file)
Japanese Red Cross "Safe and Well" Site

Google Japan Earthquake Person Finder 
Information Regarding the Fukushima Power Plants

Blood Donation
If you would like to give blood, the Blood Donation Centre in Hirosaki is open from 10-12.30 & 2-5.30. The address is: 036-8004 Aomori Prefecture, Hirosaki City, Ekimae 8-1, Omachi Town Biru 2nd Floor (青森県弘前市大字駅前8-1 大町タウンビル 2F)
Click here for a map.
Please be aware that some people may be turned away; British Nationals in particular may be unable to give blood due to concerns regarding BSE.
Thanks go to Hal Edmonson for this information. 

Donating Relief Items
For those of you wanting to donate food and clothing to disaster victims in Sendai, a delivery to Minami Sanriku Town is being organised by a group from Aomori. You can drop off items you wish to donate at the following locations over the next three days:

Aomori City
The OGA School (in front of ASPAM)
Yasukata 1-10-7
(dropoffs from 9am-6pm)

Hirosaki City
Kyle and Tori's place, near Hirosaki Station
(for details please comment and we will pass on your information) 

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