31 May 2011

Tsuta Onsen (蔦温泉)

Tsuta Onsen is located deep in the mountains near Lake Towada, and was ranked best in the prefecture in terms of atmosphere and water quality. The ryokan also serves delicious traditional meals for those staying the night, as well as providing some of the tastiest wakimizu  (water straight from the rocks) in Aomori; so good that you might want to consider taking a bottle or two with you for the road! 
Despite the absence of an outdoor bath, Tsuta Onsen has a great atmosphere with luxurious interiors, and comes highly recommended.

Submitted to us by Jon, thank you!

The Skinny: a luxurious onsen attached to a ryokan of equally high quality
Price: ¥500 for entry to the onsen, a night at the ryokan starts at ¥8,550~
Opening Hours: for those not staying at the ryokan, the onsen is open from 9am to 4pm  

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