27 May 2011

Yasuragi Onsen (やすらぎ温泉)

It's no question that the view of Mount Iwaki from any angle is stunning enough, but why not enjoy it whilst relaxing in a rotenburo (露天風呂, outdoor bath)? Yasuragi Onsen is located a short drive off the 7 on the way into Hirosaki from Tsugaru, and although a little dated, its outdoor bath provides amazing views as you relax to the sound of softly playing enka. There is also a small garden area with seating for the summer months when you need to hop out of the hot water.
The indoor baths are also decent, with a sauna and water bath included in the meagre price of 350 yen. You'll need to bring your own onsen kit though, as shampoo and soap are not provided.

The Skinny: A small onsen on the outskirts of Hirosaki with great views of Iwaki-san
Price: ¥350 for adults
Hours: 5am to 10pm

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