23 June 2011

Takayama Inari Shrine

Nestled deep in Shariki Town is the impressive Takayama Inari Shrine. Although it's quite large, it's often sparse with visitors (rumor has it many Japanese people find the place haunted). Once you drive through the giant torii gate, you will see the visitor center in front, stairs leading to the shrine on your left, and a somewhat hidden path to Shariki beach on your right. The path to the beach will take you behind the visitor center and through some dense vegetation, but don't worry, it's safe and permitted. The beach is a bit laden with garbage, but it's still an interesting place to visit (local rumor has it that people have gone missing off this coast at the hands of North Koreans). Lastly, if you visit in summer, look out for all the frogs - they're everywhere!

The Skinny: A beautiful shrine with over 100 small torii gates and a walk to the beach
Price: Free
Website: Click Here


  1. Just a heads up, the stairway that lead down to the beach collapsed due to erosion. It's a steep way down, so I wouldn't suggest trying- Dated 5/21/2012