23 June 2011

Tip Top Tappi

Tappi is the northernmost point in western Aomori so the drive there is a bit far from the Tsugaru side, but well worth it. Travel the winding roads and you'll pass the sea, go through the mountains and if you're lucky, you'll spot some of the notoriously mischievous Japanese snow monkeys. There are a few viewing platforms to stop at along the way, and once you reach Tappi, walk up the look-out path to catch the best view. On a clear day you can see Hokkaido. And if you have time to spare, check out the nearby Seikan Tunnel Museum, which explains the making of the underwater railway tunnel that connects Honshu to Hokkaido and is the longest operational underground tunnel! Click here to learn more.

The Skinny: A weekend joyride
Price: A tank of gas

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