31 January 2011

Aoni Onsen in Kuroishi (青荷温泉、黒石市)

Take a step back in time at Aoni Onsen, the inn lit solely by lanterns. There are four different baths to relax in, including a mixed outdoor bath (konyoku, 混浴). Almost every bath has both inside and outside sections, and it's quite an experience bathing whilst surrounded by snow.

Be sure to watch your step at night when the road to your room is lit by candlelight, as it's easy to get carried away by the beautiful scenery. Aoni Onsen regularly hosts international guests, so you should feel right at home.  This peaceful and unique inn hidden in the Aomori mountains is definitely worth the break from modern convenience.

Location: Aomori, Kuroishi, Okiura, Takinoue, Aonisawa 1-7
Due to its remote location, guests are unable to drive directly to the onsen. Leave your car in the parking lot at Nijinoko Park (free of charge) and a friendly bus driver will pick you up at 14:00 (winter only), 15:00 and 16:00 daily. Look out for the road signs written in the Tsugaru dialect along the way!

Address of the shuttle bus station (Nijinoko Park 虹の湖公園):
1-5 Ji Yama Kami, Ooaza Okiura, Kuroishi, Aomori 
虹の湖公園 〒036-0402 青森県黒石市大字沖浦字山神1−5 
(click here for directions from Kashiwa Jusco) 
Contact: 0172-54-8588 (no English speaker may be available)
Price: ¥10,650 per night (dinner and breakfast included)


  1. There is a very interesting hot spring at Fukaura town in Aomori. It's called "Furo-fshi onsen". It's means amrit hot spring.

    This is it. http://www.rurubu.com/season/spring/zekkei/detail.asp?SozaiNo=020007

    Let's go to the onsen with swimwear in next summer.

  2. I`ve heard about Furo Fushi Onsen, and I definitely want to hit it up this year! I found a Japan Times article about the onsen that you all might find interesting as well. Here is the link below: