26 January 2011

CHEAP Season-Long Ski Equipment Rentals

Want to go skiing for a season, but don't have your own skis and don't want to rent them every time you go?  I've got the place for you!  Rent, skis, poles, and boots for ¥5,250 for an entire season!  I don't know if they'll have your size or not, and as the season is under way, they may not have as many supplies as earlier, but check it out!

Name of the store: Yojigen Poketto (四次元ポケット)
Address: 〒037-0004 Goshogawara Toukasa Yanagiji Fujimaki 509-16
五所川原市唐笠柳字藤巻509-16 (click here for directions from Jusco)
Contact: 0120-38-3226 (English speaker may not be available)

1 comment:

  1. I went yesterday to pick some up, thanks Mike! Although, as you said, there wasn't much choice left, particularly if your foot size is anything over 24cm and you're taller than 164. I haven't tried them out yet either but for 5,250, especially as a beginner skiier, it seems like a pretty good deal.