25 January 2011

Tsugaru's Winter Stove Train (津軽鉄道 ストーブ列車)

It wouldn't quite be winter in Tsugaru without the stove train.  Enjoy the beautiful winter scenery of the Tsugaru area in a heated site-seeing train.  An announcer (speaking in Japanese) even explains the sites.  While I haven't had the chance to do this yet (plan to do it during the next couple of weeks), I heard about it from a Japanese friend who lives in Goshogawara, and saw an advertisement for it on the bullet train from Tokyo.  It's really close, and it's an inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours on your day off.

* December 27 through March 31 
* 9:25, 11:40, 14:10 (train departure times from Goshogawara station)
* Everyday of the week
Location:  From Goshogawara station to Nakasato Station (五所川原駅~中里駅)

Entry: Regular train fee between Goshogawara and Nagasato + a 300 yen 'stove train' fee
* Adults:¥840 + ¥300 = ¥1140
* Children: ¥420 + ¥300 = ¥720

Questions: 0713-34-2148 (English speaker may not be available)

Website: please click here!

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  1. It's great! They even give you free squid sometimes.